Virtual Terminals (Over the phone Payments)

Taking payments over the phone can be handy for some business owners, in particular when trying to secure an order on the moment. This can also avoid the hassle of chasing for payments at a later date.


There are a couple of ways to take payments over the phone.

Using a physical card terminal and manually entering the number:

This is not ideal because you need to have the card terminal with you and only one person can use it at any one time.

Using a Virtual Terminal:

Log into a terminal from your computer or phone and enter the details on your payments portal. This can be accessed from anywhere and you can have multiple users so it makes it ideal for a team or for working remotely.

What should you know about:

Taking payments over the phone has traditionally been classed as less secure since the cardholder is not present and this makes it harder to know if it could be a stolen card. As such, some providers charge a Non-Secure or Card-Not-Present (CNP) fee which can also be called a more old-fashioned title: MOTO (Mail-Order-Telephone-Order).


Examples of scams:

Bicycle Shop: Customer phones and asks about a bike on the website. Pays over the phone and someone collects it.

Signs to watch out for:

If the customer’s card does not work and they ask to pay with another card, this should be a huge warning because scammers often have multiple cards when calling.

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What should you expect?

  • -> Next Day Payouts
  • -> Payments in Full with bill at the end of the month

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