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Whether new to taking card payments or highly experienced, merchant services can be a daunting topic where you can easily be let down by some providers or acquiring banks. First thing you should know is that the banks which do card payment processing are different to your standard banks, but it is a highly regulated service so all providers have to cover several layers or checks before issuing a Merchant ID (like an account number).

Some business owners find it can be a headache to set up and hard to get the right support when things go wrong. This is where we come in to be your guiding star!

Find the right plan for your business

There are multiple options depending on your business type, volume of transactions and average sale value. We’ll make sure you have the right one for your business.

Excellent Rates & Complete Transparency Around Costs:

We’ll explain ALL fees and costs, and we’ll provide examples of the bills you can expect to receive.

Simplifying the Application:

We’ll keep documentation to a minimum and

Your Knight in Shining Armour:

If the banks try to increase your rates, we will argue on your behalf and keep them down.

Additional level of support:

As standard you receive 24/7 support from the bank, but rather than phoning in and speaking with someone different each time, we will act on your behalf when you need quick answers or fixes if issues arise. We also reply quickly on Whatsapp which our clients generally appreciate.

PCI Simplified:

Every business taking card payments is required to be PCI Compliant, which means you need to understand some basic rules such as not writing down customer card details or allowing fraud to occur. We’ll help you with any questions to ensure you’re compliant and don’t get hit by non-compliance fees which some providers charge.

Turned away by other providers due to Elevated Risk?

We can help guide you through the application to ensure you have all the right documents

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What should you expect?

  • -> Next Day Payouts
  • -> Payments in Full with bill at the end of the month

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